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Our literature is available to you in several formats.   Choose the one you desire, then left-click to view, or right-click to download (depending upon your browser, of course).

Files with a "txt" extension are formatted as plain ASCII text.  This is the oldest (and simplest) format on the web, but also very boring...

Files with an "rtf" extension are formatted in "rich text".  Just what the world needed: yet another text format, but some folks like it.

Files with a "pdf" extension require that you have the (free) Adobe Acrobat Reader application installed on your system.  If you don't have it, you can download the latest version


Files with a "doc" extension require that you have installed on your system a word-processing application or file-viewer capable of reading the Microsoft(TM) Word document format.

Files with an "exe" extension are either self-extracting archives (for 16 or 32-bit systems) or executable programs.   It's interesting to note that an archive can be larger than the original.   If you get "CGI" errors accessing files of this type, the problem's on your end.   Check your file "associations".

Files with a "gif" or "jpg" extension are graphics images.


  Pat Barrett's Facet5 Report 12/09/04 5.7MB pdf   Mr. Barrett's Facet5 Personality Assessment
  Thinking Inside The Box 08/09/27 227Kb pdf   OctoberBest2008 Presentation
  Brochure.pdf 16/09/12 60Kb pdf   Our Company literature
  BusinessCard.gif 00/03/02 185Kb graphic   Principal Engineer's business card
  Patrick H Barrett Resume.pdf 14/05/27 30Kb pdf   Our Principal Engineer's CV
  Achievements.doc   01/02/19 360Kb doc   Prepared for submission to the IEEE,
  with Senior Membership application
  6025777_p1.pdf 00/03/23 78Kb pdf   Page 1 of U. S. Patent #6,025,777
  8725301B2_p1.pdf 14/05/13 396Kb pdf   Page 1 of U. S. Patent #8,725,301 B2

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